Ocean Painting Step by Step

In this post, I show the step-by-step process of painting the ocean with acrylic paints.

Ocean Painting

‘Atlantic Morning’ – Acrylic on Wood Panel – 2016

Ocean Painting

For this painting of a colorful early morning sky over the ocean, I took a series of photos to show the steps along the way from from start to finish.

Photo 1

I started with a pencil line for the horizon, then moved on to the clouds.

Photo 2

I outlined the shapes of the clouds, starting with the darker sections first. Then I painted a dark grayish blue base color for the water.

Photo 3

With the clouds outlined, I started to add colors to the sky that ranged from a pale yellow to a light apricot pink.

Photo 4

I added more colors to the sky and deepened the color of the ocean.

Photo 5

It took a lot of time to get the clouds just right. I’d alternate between the lighter tones and the darker ones, leaving some time for the paint to dry in between.

Fortunately, acrylic paint dries quickly.

Photo 6

I continued to blend the colors to give the clouds more definition and then added another layer of paint to darken the ocean.

Photo 7

I started to add some highlights to the water and the brightest sections of the sky here.

Photo 8

In this photo, you can see more colors added to the water. I wanted to show some movement to the water as well as the reflection of the sun and sky.

Photo 9

I finished the painting by adding a few final touches to the clouds and water, trying to bring out the lighter tones a bit more.

I hope you liked seeing the various stages of an acrylic painting from start to finish.

Thanks for reading!

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